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Gender, Data & What the Cass Review *Doesn’t* Say

Gender, Data & What the Cass Review *Doesn’t* Say

Journalist Ben Ryan examines the evidence — or lack thereof — for youth gender transition.

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On April 10th, a big story broke in the gender world: The long-awaited report commissioned by the UK's National Health Service, known as the Cass Review, was released. As soon as the report hit the news cycle, gender-critical activists celebrated it as the final nail in the coffin of harmful practices, while trans-rights activists accused it of faulty methodology.

So who was right? This week, I spoke with Benjamin Ryan, a health and science reporter, to help unpack the Cass Review's data. Ben has spent years covering the intersection of health and public policy. He has a remarkably clear head and is a disciplined thinker about the youth gender medicine debate, so he is a great person to explain what is and is not in the Cass Review.

Guest Bio

Benjamin Ryan is an independent journalist who focuses on health care and science. He contributes to several major publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and NBC News. He has a particular interest in public health, medicine, and psychology, and has spent years reporting on HIV.

His work has received multiple awards from NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists, including the Excellence in HIV/AIDS Coverage Award. Benjamin is a cancer survivor and enjoys reading, theatre, movies, biking, cooking, and photography in his spare time.

His oped for the Washington Post, “Psychiatrists learned the wrong lesson from the gay rights movement” published this morning. Read it here.

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Benjamin Ryan talks about the Cass Review, transgender youth medicine and his history covering HIV and AIDS.

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