Sep 8 • 2M

What Can A Man Do?

Christine Emba of The Washington Post discusses uncritical sex positivity, a damaged dating landscape, and the serious challenges facing modern men.


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Christine Emba
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Christine Emba of The Washington Post discusses uncritical sex positivity, dating apps and the challenges facing modern men.
Christine Emba

It seems like everywhere you look, men are struggling to find a sense of meaning and purpose. In fact, men are just getting kind of weird. On the other side of the equation, many women say they can’t find a “good man” who meets their expectations.

Enter Christine Emba, Washington Post columnist and author of the 2022 book Rethinking Sex: A Provocation. In a recent WaPo essay, she discusses the crisis of masculinity and where men are looking for models of masculinity, from Jordan Peterson to Andrew Tate and beyond. In this episode, we chat about her article, her book, the past and present mating economy, and the evolution of her own thinking since her college days and the emergence of “the Princeton mom.”

(Leave it to her to ask the questions Matt Walsh doesn’t.)

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