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A conservative intellectual with a libertine past

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This week’s guest is economist and public intellectual Glenn Loury. Glenn is almost certainly no stranger to Unspeakable listeners, many of whom know him from his long-running podcast The Glenn Show.

In addition to opining there about political and social issues, Glenn is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University, where he has taught since 2005.

He grew up on the south side of Chicago and eventually became the first black professor of economics at Harvard and a prominent conservative thinker and policy expert. The Glenn Show debuted in 2012, and Glenn’s conversations about race with linguist and cultural critic John McWhorter were foundational to the emergence of the independent media sphere, sometimes called the “heterodoxy” (at least they were my gateway drug).

Glenn has published numerous books, but his latest, a memoir, is a major departure. Late Admissions: Confessions of A Black Conservative is not just an account of his professional trajectory but also an unflinching interrogation of his personal choices.

This interview is stunningly candid and also utterly delightful. I’m grateful to Glenn for his honesty, deep insight, and great humor.

Guest Bio

Glenn Loury is a professor of social sciences and economics at Brown University. His new book Late Admissions: Confessions of A Black Conservative is out May 14. You can find him on Substack here.

Pre-order or purchase Glenn’s book here.

Glenn Loury and Meghan Daum discuss his early life and his new book, Late Admissions: Confessions of A Black Conservative.


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