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What Is Real? Eli Lake on Disinformation, Despair and Dead Ends in the Israel-Hamas War

What Is Real? Eli Lake on Disinformation, Despair and Dead Ends in the Israel-Hamas War

Everything you wanted to know about Israel but were afraid to ask.

Nov. 6, 2023 edition.

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This week, I had a discussion with Eli Lake regarding the recent tragic attack in Israel and its repercussions. I haven't closely followed this topic over the years, so Eli's insights were invaluable and he politely tolerated some of my more goyishly clueless questions. He has worked as a national security correspondent and possesses extensive knowledge on the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

We talked about the present surge of activism and the near-illiterate responses to Israel's attack on Gaza. We also touched on the irony of campus activists demanding safe spaces while condoning violence against Jews. In addition, we dissected the "decolonization framework" that is currently dominating the narrative and discussed how the social justice left is losing credibility due to anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Eli Lake offers insights into the Israel/Palestine conflict, the response to Israel's attack on Gaza, and the role of Hamas in ceasefire negotiations.

Guest Bio

Eli Lake is the former senior national security correspondent for The Daily Beast and Newsweek. Currently, he is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion and a columnist for The Free Press columnist and host of The Re-Education podcast.

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