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Rob Long On How Hollywood Lost The Plot
Rob Long On How Hollywood Lost The Plot
Rob Long tells us about the new economics of entertainment and film and what is happening to good TV.

October 30, 2023 edition.

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In this episode of Unspeakable, Meghan Daum talks with veteran television writer Rob Long about the state of the entertainment industry. They discuss the Hollywood writers' strike, which according to Rob, mainly resulted in pay raises but didn't address systemic issues for writers. Rob and Meghan also discuss how streaming services like Netflix made a mistake trying to compete with studios by producing expensive original content when they could have thrived by simply buying content.

Rob also shares some perspectives on how "Sound of Freedom" became such a box office hit despite scoffing from Hollywood elites. He also shares his view on what the future looks like for the entertainment industry and how TV writers' rooms have lost the plot when it comes to hiring quality talent.

TV writer and producer Rob Long discusses the impact of AI and the Writers' Strike in the entertainment industry, the future of television and the new economics of entertainment.

Guest Bio

Rob Long is a writer and producer in Hollywood. He began his career on Cheers, serving as co-executive producer. He was the creator and executive producer of The Texanist and showrunner of Kevin Can Wait. He co-founded the podcast network Ricochet and hosts the podcast Martini Shot with The Ankler. He is a contributing editor for National Review, as well as a contributor to TIME, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times, and his books include Conversations with My Agent and Bigly: Donald Trump in Verse. He continues working in film and TV in LA and New York.

Find Rob at The Ankler, Commentary, and on Twitter at @rcbl.

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